Residents Assistance Program – Food Cards

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The Resident Assistance – Food Card Program will assist Gadsden County citizens who have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, or its direct or indirect effects; and, who are not otherwise eligible to receive food assistance through State-run programs (due to their income exceeding the allowable dollar threshold), but still experiencing food scarcity in their residence. These cards will be purchased from Food Stores in Gadsden County. The program eligibility and documentation requirements are the following:

Eligibility and Documentation Requirements:

  • Resident much complete and sign an Attestation stating that they were impacted by COVID-19, and are not eligible to receive assistance through any State food assistance programs.
  • Must submit copy of Florida Driver’s License or State ID card showing residence in Gadsden County.
  • If State-issued ID or driver’s license is not available, must submit copy of most recent utility bill validating residence in Gadsden County.
  • Must provide the full names and ages of all individuals residing in the household.

Terms and Conditions

The Resident Assistance – Food Card Program has exhausted all funds.  This program is now closed to new applications.

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